“Belly Dance in the Holy Land” is an international belly dance event, (Festival and Tours ) which takes place once a year in the Holy Land. 
The goal of the event: To combine the art of Belly Dance with the uniqueness of an exotic vacation experience. To expose you to the beautiful historical views, to the local folklore and the authentic lifestyle of the ancient population.
We, at the “Belly Dance Festival” promise you a once in a life time experience you will never forget! Share this amazing experience with your friends and invite them to take part in this one of a kind event.
The Organizers:
Asi Haskal is an oriental dancer with tireless temperament, a unique style and beautiful costumes.  He is an owner of an oriental dancing school in Israel, and a costume designer for dancers from all over the world.
 He often flight to Egypt where he meets his favorite dancers: Nagua Fouad, Fifi Abdo, Dina, Sohir zaki, Mona El Said and more.

Since he established his reputation of an exclusive and unusual artist he often performs in the media and news papers, in national and cultural events, festivals, fashion shows, TV productions and commercials.

Ten years ago due to mass demand he opened the oriental dancing school where he teaches every day. Some of his student had became professional dancers themselves. 
His spirit and inspiration prevail in the studio and makes a remarkable atmosphere.
 Every year hundreds of dancers come to his workshops at the International oriental dance festivals around the world. Asi decomposes the music and explains the moves and the steps in order to teach dancers hpw to perform perfectly with his choreographies.

Asi is the producer of “Habibi Ya Eini” Festival, ta spectacular event that take place every year in a beautiful place in the center of Israel, drawing hundreds of participants and belly dance fans.
This unique festival gathers together all the teachers from around Israel. Every body love Asi Haskal with his Humorous personality and professionalism in the field of Belly Dance.
Asi Haskal official website www.asihaskal.com

Simona Guzman is an experienced Belly Dance Festivals organizer, a performer and teacher.  Simona started organizing  "Belly Dance Festivals" out of  love for the art form of Oriental Dance. Her desire is to widen awareness for the fine tradition of the oriental culture and the different styles around the world. She organized and produced the first Belly Dance Festival in Istanbul, Turkey, "Turkish Delight"  that took place on April-May, 2010. 
Simona decided to continue organizing Belly Dance Festivals as a tradition, this time under the name “Mediterranean Delight Festival”. She set herself a goal to combine an oriental dance with a unique and authentic vacation and to expose you to new oriental styles and exciting destinations. Simona produced her first festival in Marrakech, Morocco, on June 2011 and on June 2012 and 2013 she organized it in Loutraki, Greece.
As a belly dancer, Simona is aware of the wills and needs of her colleagues. Her perfectionism and attention to details are these who make every event an unforgettable experience and pleasure.  www.bellydancefestival.net

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